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09/14/2014: "State Lags in Mental Records Reporting (For Guns)"

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When I read this headline, I was concerned (that's why I included the "For Guns" part). Then I read the story and calmed down. From the story in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette:

Indiana hasn't supplied a national database with the names of people its state courts have deemed unfit to own guns because of mental health issues, but gun-control advocates hope federal incentives will change that.

[Paul] Helmke [president of the Brady campaign to prevent gun violence] argues that privacy is one issue that should have no bearing on whether states send records, because the reporting requirement applies only to people who have gone through the state court systems, not those who seek voluntary commitment or counseling.

Oh, so this is a court issue, not a mental health issue... Well why didn't you just say that? Big difference here in that courts have a different standard for judging someone as "mentally ill" than those in the mental health system. Still, if the courts are required to report, why don't they? They seem to notify the BMV when they take someone's license on a regular basis, so it can't be all that hard.

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