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07/23/2014: "Child Porn @ Work Not Illegal"

February 2, 2008

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According to the St. Joe County Prosecutors Office, if your surfing the net for porn at work and child porn pop-ups, or pop-unders, appear, you are not guilty of a crime. Good to know. Can we please just make a law against stupid people and get it over with? I mean I get the point, the guy wasn't intentionally looking for child porn, but he was being stupid by looking for ANY porn at work. I just don’t get it. I mean if you want to look at porn at home, more power to you, but why bring it into the workplace? From the South Bend Tribune (link unavailable at source):

A former YWCA employee has been cleared of charges of possession of child pornography after prosecutors determined the images appeared on his computer without his consent.

Catherine Wilson, a spokeswoman for the St. Joseph County Prosecutor, said investigators determined that John B. Penney, 55, was not looking for child pornography when the images appeared on his computer.

Wilson said the images of child pornography found on Penney’s work computer "almost certainly were the result of 'pop-up' or 'pop-under' windows generated during other online searches" for adult pornography.

Penny was a legal advocate for the YWCA who lost his job after the images allegedly surfaced on his work computer.

Deputy Prosecutor Eric Tamashasky said on Thursday that Internet users should be cautious when surfing the Internet to avoid coming across illegal material, such as child pornography. He said users of adult pornography run a higher risk of accidental exposure to illegal material.

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