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05/08/2014: "One Reason Not to Socialize Medicine"

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Today, United Press International carried a report highlighting one of the reasons why socialized medicine may not be the way to go. Long story short, when you put bureaucrats in charge of healthcare (not that they aren't already in the U.S., we just call them MBAs), stupid things happen.

Specifically, The British National Health Service decided patients were waiting too long to see doctors at emergency rooms. So, the Labour party instituted a policy where all patients had to be seen by physicians within four hours of being admitted an Emergency Room. When hospital administrators could not meet the requirements of the policy, they just stopped admitting people to the emergency room. According to the story;

…the delays not only pose a health risk to patients, but keep ambulances occupied and unable to answer emergency calls.

"This is evidence of shocking systematic failure in our emergency services," Lamb said. "As well as thousands of patients being stuck in ambulances when they should be getting urgent treatment, there will be countless others left waiting longer for ambulances to arrive."

The Mail said current figures show that last year alone, an estimated 43,576 people were forced to wait for more than an hour to enter a British emergency medical unit for treatment.

If you don't believe me, check out the story for yourself.

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