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10/26/2014: Space Travel and Mental Illness
10/26/2014: America's First (and only) Emperor
09/14/2014: Wellpoint Cherry Picking
09/14/2014: Wellpoint: Can't Buy Me Luv!
09/14/2014: Lilly's Cymbalta Sales Grow
09/14/2014: State Lags in Mental Records Reporting (For Guns)
09/14/2014: Bill Clinton: I Have a Dream...Literally
09/14/2014: Pay to Play: $25 for Jail, Guilty or Not
09/14/2014: Mental Health: Fourth Most Expensive Condition to Treat
09/14/2014: Zyprexa, Cymbalta Fuel Growth for Lilly
09/14/2014: Autism and Vaccines: Pediatricians Speak Out
09/13/2014: Lilly Changing Marketing Payment Scheme?
07/23/2014: “Dr. Phil Show”: How’s That Working Out For You?
07/23/2014: Child Porn @ Work Not Illegal
07/23/2014: Insurance Co. Refuses to Pay for Anorexia or Bulimia
07/23/2014: Lilly to Reach Deal with Feds?
07/23/2014: I.U. has openings for autistic children
07/23/2014: Big Insurance: “and throw a little sand in there too…”
07/23/2014: More Trouble for Zyprexa
07/21/2014: Big Pharma Hates McCain: and that’s a bad thing why???
06/21/2014: Indiana Doc Leads Healthcare for All Fight
06/21/2014: Cheap Healthcare Website Destined to Fail
05/13/2014: Clarion Health Makes WSJ Blog for Employee Health Fiasco
05/13/2014: FDA: Allowing Big Pharma's Off Label Advertising
05/08/2014: Harvard's Poll on Socialized Medicine
05/08/2014: One Reason Not to Socialize Medicine
05/08/2014: Mental Health: Meds, Therapy, or Both?
05/02/2014: 2004 Indiana Health Insurance Law Misses Mark
05/02/2014: DOC Makes Improvements At Girls School
05/02/2014: 25 Tips for Staying Married
05/02/2014: The Bailout AND Mental Health Parity???
05/02/2014: Big Insurance and "The Sentinal Effect"
04/25/2014: GlaxoSmithKline Pays out big on Paxil... ...Again!
04/25/2014: Complicated Grief Just Got More Complicated
04/25/2014: Professional Licensing Board Changes Notice Procedures
10/06/2011: Seroquel Slapdown

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